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End of the year message from SpicePay

As the year draws to a close the inevitable reviews and statistics start to flow. The end of the year sentiment on cryptocurrencies measures high levels of uncertainty and disappointment. Multitude of stalled crypto projects, deflated market caps and missed milestones make 2018 a difficulty year in the quest to establish the cryptocurrencies as viable concepts, gain the public’s trust and make the best of the blockchain technology.

But there’s hope.

The prices of major cryptocurrencies are currently in the green zone and still far above their levels of two years ago. A sustained growth requires challenging periods and tested lows. It requires time and maturity, both in terms of security and scalability. A lot of brilliant people continue to work on solving the issues at hand – with the Lightning Network gaining speed for Bitcoin and Ethereum adopting the sharding scheme. And of course, there is the interest of the big institutional investors expected to culminate in the next year. And the potential for a positive verdict from the financial regulators. A lot of encouraging prospects if one cares to look beyond the pricing charts.

We, at SpicePay, believe the best is yet to come and wish you a wonderful holiday season and a happy and prosperous 2019!!

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