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Bitcoin Merchant

The more payment options your customers have, the better Рand a growing number of online merchants are opening up business opportunities around the world by accepting bitcoin. Spicepay’s secure bitcoin payment gateway makes it easy to start accepting bitcoin payments and selling to customers anywhere in the world, safely and affordably.

Why accept bitcoin payments? There are no bank or credit card transaction fees, giving you higher profit margins and the ability to operate globally at a lower cost. Transactions are completed instantly and anonymously, with no chargebacks. All sales are final!

  • Regular settlements: Receive payment in bitcoin, USD or a combination of both
  • Automated exchange: SpicePay instantly exchanges your BTC for USD on new orders, or you can exchange it manually
  • Low fees: SpicePay charges a processing fee of just 1% per transfer
  • Easy integration tools: Button, iFrame, hosted page or email invoice

Exchange bitcoins for U.S. dollars on SpicePay's bitcoin payment gateway.

Once you've set up a bitcoin merchant account and started receiving bitcoin payments, you can easily withdraw funds in BTC, USD, or a combination of both via WebMoney, credit card or bitcoin address. Or, turn on the Automated Exchange feature, and your BTC will automatically be converted to USD (as long as the transaction total is $20 or more).

There are several ways to get started with SpicePay's bitcoin payment gateway.

SpicePay makes it easy to accept bitcoin payments. You can add a payment button, link to a hosted payment page, embed payment iframes, or use email invoices. All you need is the ability to edit your website's HTML code.

Payment button:

SpicePay provides the code, which you can simply copy and paste into your website's HTML. The button will open a popup with complete instructions for making a payment.

Hosted page:

A hosted payment page is similar to a button, but instead of opening a popup, the user is directed to a payment page hosted by SpicePay. Once the user completes a purchase, they are redirected back to your website.

Payment iFrames:

Payment iFrames embed the payment process directly into your web page, in which case there is no need for a popup or page redirect.

Email Invoice:

Create and email invoices, including a BTC address and QR code for payment, using our simple invoice creation form.

Approximately 2.5 billion adults in the world do not have a formal bank account, according to the World Bank. Accepting bitcoin payments lets you tap into with a whole new market with vast potential!