Getting Started

Freelancers, entrepreneurs, small- and mid-sized businesses worldwide use SpicePay to accept and process online blockchain payments. We cut out the institutional middlemen, so transactions are fast and fees are low. The first step is to create an account profile. Then, integrate the functionality into your website. This requires basic developer skills, but if this is outside your skill set,
SpicePay developers will assist you free of charge.

There are many benefits to accepting blockchain payments. Here are just a few:

Get paid fast:
Users in the EU can access funds in
less than 24 hours.

Save money:
No middlemen = no bank or credit card transaction fees.

Secure your sales:
No more losses from chargebacks.
All sales are final!

Free wallet
SpicePay’s open source wallet app is the safest place to keep your bitcoin.

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1. Build Your Merchant Profile

Provide basic information about yourself and your business, along with a default BTC or other cryptocurrency address for automatic withdrawals (optional). When you save your profile, you’ll gain access to a complete merchant toolkit, which has everything you need to start accepting payments in cryptocurrency.

2. Integrate Blockchain Payments

If you have basic developer skills, choose one of our open source plugins or other integration solutions. If you’d prefer, we’ll walk you through the integration process at no charge. Our 30-Day FREE Trial includes setup! When this is complete, your online checkout process will include a payment option for Bitcoin or other cryptocurrency of your choosing.

3. Get Paid

When you start receiving blockchain payments from your customers, your digital funds will be deposited to your SpicePay wallet by default. If you opt for automatic withdrawals, the funds will be deposited to the cryptocurrency address specified in your account profile. Or you can automatically exchange thee digital funds for USD, EUR, GBP and CAD, and make withdrawals by wire transfer, SEPA or PayPal.

The Benefits

Global reach:

Because cryptocurrency is borderless, it allows you to easily and conveniently do business with customers anywhere on the planet, using any device.

Lower costs:

Saving money is one of the most immediate benefits of accepting blockchain payments. SpicePay’s transaction fees are only 1% versus the average credit card fee of 2% to 4%. If you do business internationally, you also avoid paying steep international transaction fees.

Higher security:

With blockchain transactions, your financial data – and that of your customers – is secure because you don’t store payment information or any data that can be used for identity theft or fraudulent charges. Plus, there are no chargebacks, so your sales are secure.


Merchants in the EU can access funds in less than 24 hours, as opposed to 72 hours with payments by credit card.

Less risk:

Unlike fiat currencies, cryptocurrencies are decentralized, so they’re not influenced by any country’s political or economic circumstances.

PR value:

When you accept blockchain payments, you get the intangible benefit of showing current and potential customers that your business is tech savvy, forward-thinking, and on the leading edge of the future of money.

Accepting blockchain payments with SpicePay

SpicePay makes doing business in cryptocurrencies easy and convenient – for you and your customers. It’s mobile-friendly, fast, affordable and safe.

Payment options

Withdraw payments in USD, EUR, GBP or CAD or cryptocurrency, manually or automatically.

Automated exchange

Use the tools on your merchant dashboard to set your automated exchange preferences.

Low fees

SpicePay charges a processing fee of just 1% per transaction.

Multiple integration tools

Button, iFrame, hosted page, email invoice, open source plugin or payment API.