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About Us

Our Company

SpicePay's leadership team has been actively involved with virtual currency since 2009, both as users and miners. Our experience in the international market goes back even farther. We've tested the waters, and witnessed many changes. The rules of interaction with payment systems have been rewritten. Entire payment systems have even collapsed.

Today virtual currency has matured into a viable way of conducting online transactions. We at SpicePay are savvy bitcoiners with experience in a variety of virtual currencies and a leading position in the virtual currency niche.

We steadfastly adhere to the requirements and procedures of the Bitcoin payment system, and uphold high standards of integrity. We also continuously improve our service by staying on top of developments in technology and the industry, and most importantly, by listening to our customers.

Why We Created SpicePay

We created SpicePay to bring together the best of what virtual currency has to offer - a safe, privacy-protected alternative to credit and debit cards - minus the hiccups that new technologies often undergo. We've learned what works, and what doesn't.

In fact, SpicePay was born out of our personal experiences with virtual currency. As this form of payment comes into wider use, particularly in North America, our goal has been to improve the overall experience. This meant making the service more reliable and trustworthy so that all users, particularly those who are new to digital currency, would have a comfort level with it.

Many, like us, use virtual currency as part of running a business. We had our own share of disappointing experiences, so in creating SpicePay, we zeroed in on the problems with existing virtual currency platforms and developed solutions. We wanted to make sure that online transactions never get in the way of business operations. If you send payments to vendors or receive payments from clients digitally, the process should be trouble-free. With SpicePay, it is.

Above all using virtual currency should be convenient and safe. To deliver on these promises, we've simplified the process and made security a priority, so there are fewer clicks, and fewer concerns.

The SpicePay Difference

Our service is founded on three basic principles: speed, safety, and favorable terms.


  • Always online: SpicePay operates 24/7/365, so as long as you have an internet connection, you can carry out transactions anytime, from any country in the world.
  • Automatic exchange process: All exchange operations are automated, which prohibits the mechanical errors that sometimes occur in manual request processing involving operators, and also takes less time.
  • Efficient support: Our support team is ready to assist you online while you're carrying out any exchange operation.


  • SSL: The whole exchange process is carried out using a secured connection through HTTPS protocol with 128 bytes encryption of transferred data, which bars any possibility of third-party data interception.
  • Official Exchanger status: SpicePay is fully verified and accredited as an "Official Exchanger."

Favorable Terms

  • Favorable exchange rates: We monitor the market constantly in order to provide you with the best rates, and charge only 1.5% on Buy and Sell transactions.
  • Personal approach: We provide a level of personal service that is unusual in our industry. Unlike financial institutions, we do not sort our users by any criteria. We value everyone equally and believe that every user is entitled to the same quality service.
  • Promotions: We show our appreciation with regular promotions and contests.
  • No minimum exchange amount: We do not require a minimum exchange amount, so you are welcome to use our service regardless of the amount you are exchanging.