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SpicePay partners with Trastra

Some of the early problems associated with the cryptocurrency use have been solved (i.e. finding cryptocurrency payment processors and places to use digital currencies), but the perception that cryptocurrencies are difficult to use is a misconception that traditional industries and majority of consumers have found hard to leave behind.

One of the challenges still standing in the way of wider adoption is the building of relationships with traditional financial institutions. While the hope is that in the coming year a stronger institutional support will finally be granted, the truth is that finding banking partners is still a serious obstacle for an overwhelming majority of the cryptocurrency startups. SpicePay had its share of disappointments but stayed persistent in the search for a progressive and trusted financial partner. We think we finally found it in Trastra.

Trastra is a blockchain personal banking that combines benefits of Bitcoin and Ethereum with traditional payment infrastructure. A Trastra account comes with a plastic payment card that draws funds directly from the user’s Trastra cryptocurrency account whenever a purchase or ATM withdrawal is initialised.

We teamed up with Trastra to give our merchants easier access to their funds. This is how it goes: accept cryptocurrency payments with SpicePay -> withdraw the payout funds to a Trastra account (no fee) -> cash out or make purchases in USD or EUR using the Trastra card. Easy, convenient, secure. While our developers work to incorporate the Trastra functionality into the SpicePay software, merchants can open an account directly with Trastra and then enter the Trastra account information in the withdrawal settings section of their SpicePat merchant dashboard. No further steps are needed.

* Please note that for the moment Trastra only serves the European Economic Area (EEA). More information about the Trastra card you can find here.

Trastra debit card

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